Omar Deryan
Software Developer - Business Analyst


A Passionate in delivering IT solutions, results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical software developer who can think “out of the box”.

Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Expert in C#, .NET, and MSSQL with database analysis and design.

Skilled in developing business plans, requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research.

Interested in creating unique Web and Mobile solutions that are scalable based on customers unique needs.

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I’ve been working on a bunch of different projects within my work OR as a freelance in the last few years. The beginning of my career mostly started with an internship at the IT department in the American University of Beirut where I have learned valuable insights in Analyzing and Developing Applications. Then and after earning my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I have been accepted as a business applications Specialist in the American University of Beirut and moved after 2 years to a new position Interfaces and Conversions Analyst in the AUBHealth(EPIC) team.
I have worked on different type of projects such as Scheduling, Data entry, Sales, Store Management, Finance, Weddings, Construction and Others…

During my career in analyzing and developing solutions I was Responsible for:

• Analyzing current work flows and practice patterns and defines requirements to visualize the total process
• Develop and manage project plans
• Requirements, analysis and design, development and implementation, installation, configuration, testing, training, documentation
• Go-live user support
• Testing for the applications before going live
• Train the Clients in using the developed applications
• Ensure projects plans and solution documentation are written or modified and updated on regular basis
• Demonstrate the use of information-gathering techniques, analyzing situations and identifying implications
• Correct decisions
• Provide and present accurate and reliable documents, reports and data. Ensure that all documents and reports are accurate and submitted upon project completion
• Provide reporting and analytical support whenever needed

• Evaluate business solutions with business Owners requirements in mind
• Analyze the requirements documents or requests to plan updates or designs for new solutions
• Design solutions
• Develop and/or maintain software solutions by studying business needs
• Client Side Coding
• Server Side Coding
• Follow specified guidelines and system standards in writing, testing, and documenting following the software development lifecycle
• Discussions with clients to clarify what they want
• Creating logos, banners and buttons for websites
• Simultaneously managing several databases and reporting tools
• Providing technical support to end users and clients

I finish all my work with passion

Selected Projects:


يمثل موقع الأهلي.كوم أحد المواقع الأولى في العالم العربي التي اهتمت بنشر الأخبار الرياضية باللغة العربية، في عام 2001 كانت معظم المواقع تقوم باللغة الانجليزية، ليبدأ فريق عمل بانشاء موقع يهتم بأخبار النادي الأهلي المصري والكرة المصرية والعربية على حد سواء. وفي وقت قصير تحول الى أحد أنجح المواقع الرياضية في الوطن العربي ومصر، ويحتوي الموقع على فريق عمل يزيد عن 20 محرر وناشر ومصور وجرافيكس وتواصل اجتماعي وغيره ويحاول دائماً تقديم الجديد وتطوير الخدمات لترضي قرائه وعشاقه

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